My Grace Anchored Soul

The last few years have been difficult ones for me. I have felt the waves of a raging sea crash against me and inside of me, tossing me to and fro. My faith has been tested – and it has near failed. When memories of the past began to torment me, I cried out to the anchor of my soul. Sitting in the presence of a holy and living God daily,  I still fell into drug and alcohol use to quiet the memories and forget the terrors, to enable sleep. It was unexpected. I think anyone who knew me then would tell you that it was out of character for me. But it was in this falling that I discovered the depths of my poverty and the riches of Christ’s grace. I rode the waves of His grace to the heights of heaven – me, a sinner, saved by grace, came to understand the depths of grace I need, not just for salvation, but to live every single day.

It was in the falling, that I have discovered that not only is Christ the anchor for my soul, but His grace is sufficient to catch the one tossed by the sea.  I am hoping that in this blog, I will be able to share some of that grace and encouragement with you, no matter where you are in your life journey!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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